Frequently Asked Questions

light wave art

About Awards

Choose from over 175 Plaques, Acrylic Awards, Photo holders, and Photo-plaques that can be personalized with custom images and text. You will have the opportunity to pre-approve the artwork design and cost before your award is produced.

You can browse engravable award selections for ideas on one of our supplier’s websites at:

About Signs

Release your creativity: Beautiful signs can be constructed from stunning and colorful materials including acrylic and mirror. Individual laser-cut characters can be as large as 20” x 32” in size.

LED edge-lighted clear acrylic can brightly display images engraved in the acrylic, opening up great opportunities for your creativity.

Laser-engraved signs and labels can be provided with peel-off adhesive backing for easy installation.

About Leather

Leather engraves beautifully. Lighter colored leathers provide a much better contrast than dark leathers. The leather to be engraved must be able to be laid flat on the laser engraver table.

One of LightWave Art’s customers is an archery equipment manufacturer and we have engraved hundreds of their quivers and armguards with beautiful images.

Faux leathers typically do not engrave well.

About Glassware

LightWave Art can laser engrave cylindrical objects, like glasses and bottles, with our computer-controlled rotary device.

Glassware can be laser engraved to produce a “frosty” image, or we can laser-bond black and bronze metallic pigments to the glass. The colored images are permanently bonded to the glass and can be repeatedly machine washed without fading.

LightWave Art can laser-engrave through the back of mirrors allowing for colored images and text to be brightly displayed in the mirror.

About Wood and Inlays

Most woods engrave beautifully, producing near-photographic quality images. In general, the harder the wood the better the engraving.

LightWave Art can produce perfectly fitting and stunningly beautiful inlays in wood, including abalone, hardwood, and acrylic inlays.

Lathe-produced round objects can be engraved using our computer-controlled rotary device.

About Metals and Metal Bottles

Any anodized aluminum engraves beautifully, including the popular aluminum water and coffee bottles. Also, custom dog tags can be personalized with photos, graphics, and text.

LightWave Art can permanently laser-bond black and bronze color pigments to bright Stainless Steel knives and servers commonly seen at weddings. The laser-bonding is permanent and can be repeatedly machine-washed without fading.

Speaking of weddings, LightWave Art can produce custom cake-toppers that are personalized.

Stainless steels, copper, and bronze are alloys and different alloys react differently to laser energy. In most cases, LightWave Art can laser-bond black and bronze metallic inks to most of the various alloys — but some alloys will not engrave. We usually test the alloy’s engravability in a normally unseen place on the object.

About Stone and Tiles

Clear black marble engraves with near photo-quality results. Your favorite photo can be literally “carved in stone,” creating an enduring family legacy.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles can also be laser-bonded with black and bronze metallic inks producing images with beautiful contrast. Multiple tiles can comprise a mural. The laser-bonding process is permanent and rugged enough to walk on.

About Custom Artwork

We want always over-perform and never surprise you with the price or the final result. We work very hard to make every customer satisfied and pleased with the result. Whether we use your artwork or produce custom artwork for your job our customers always receive a photo-mockup of the design for their approval and a firm cost estimate before we begin their job.

LightWave Art has many years of experience in producing exactly the image and text our customers want. We will produce custom artwork per your specifications at a rate of $15 per hour. We always provide a price quote up-front so there are no surprises about the final price.

You can e-mail your design or design ideas to us ( in any of these file formats:.jpg. .jpeg, .tiff, .png, .pdf.

About Stencils

LightWave Art can produce stencils and templates of your custom artwork for your DIY project up to 20” x 32” in size.