Full Color GoBo’s

for LED projectors

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Preorder 10 Gobo’s For A Wholesale Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

What are GoBo’s?

The word GoBo is an acronym for the phrase “GOes Before Optics.” Specialized LED GoBo projectors are lighting instruments that accept GoBo disks of a specific size that allow you to focus the GoBo image at the desired distance, and in some instances, add special effects to the image.

Can LightWave Art GoBo’s be used in non-LED projectors?

The modern laminated materials that are used to produce LightWave Art GoBo’s are highly temperature resistant, but we do not recommend they not be used with non-LED projectors because of the excessive and prolonged heat generated by Halogen, High Intensity Discharge, and Incandescent projector bulbs.

If your GoBo projector is not one of the listed projectors on our website, LightWave Art cannot guarantee our GoBo’s will be compatible with the unlisted projector. In that case, LightWave Art accepts no liability for the results of using our GoBo’s with an unlisted projector. We will produce the GoBo you specify, but you will assume all liabilities for its use.

How does the PREORDER option work to save money?

Pre-purchasing a quantity of at least 10 GoBo’s allows a substantially reduced wholesale price of $39.50. This same wholesale price applies to both Stock and Custom GoBo’s.

For example, a GoBo produced with your uploaded custom image normally costs $69.00. The Wholesale price of $39.50 represents about a 43% discount that still includes 2-day shipping.

A Preorder of 10, 25, or 50 GoBo’s establishes a credit against which you may order GoBo’s at any time at the wholesale price up to the limit of your credit amount. Any GoBo purchases that exceed your available credit will revert to our standard pricing.

If you know you will order at last 10 GoBo’s now or in the future, this is a great way to save money. There is no time limit for ordering.