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What are GoBo’s?

The word GoBo is an acronym for the phrase “Goes Before Optics.” Specialized LED GoBo projectors are lighting instruments that accept GoBo disks of a specific size that allow you to focus the image at the desired distance.

The GoBo disk is loaded into the projector, focused at the appropriate distance, then the projector affects such as rotating or other special effects are turned on.

Can LightWave Art GoBo’s be used in non-LED projectors?

The laminated materials that are used to produce LightWave Art GoBo’s are highly temperature resistant, but we do not recommend they be used with non-LED projectors because of the excessive and prolonged heat generated by Halogen, High Intensity Discharge, and Incandescent bulbs.

How does the PREORDER option work to save money?

Preordering 10 GoBo’s allows you to purchase up to 10 GoBo’s at any time at a reduced price of only $39.40 each. This reduced price applies to both Stock and Custom GoBo’s.
After purchasing the PREORDER option, you will receive a Coupon Code by e-mail that will authorize the reduced pricing for your GoBo purchases.
You should wait to receive your Coupon Code before ordering GoBo’s at this reduced price.
If you know you will order at last 10 GoBo’s now or in the future, this is a great way to save money. There is no time limit for ordering.
After you purchase 10 GoBo’s with your Coupon Code, any additional GoBo purchases will revert to our standard pricing.

What if I need help in creating the perfect artwork?

LightWave Art will be happy to assist you in creating your artwork at a flat rate charge of $25 per hour. You may contact us via our website or by telephone to begin the process. We will provide you with a price quotation for your approval before beginning the work, along with a photo-mock-up of your custom image when the work is completed.

How do I clean and care for my GoBo?

The LightWave Art LED projector GoBo’s are a laminate of special materials that are sealed with an optically clear high-temperature resistant coating. Handle the GoBo disk only by the edges. Touching the flat surface will deposit oils from your fingers that may stain or blur the image. It’s best to handle the GoBo disk with soft cotton gloves, or by the edges of the disk.

If stored in a dry clean place, the GoBo disk should never need cleaning.

Can I see a proof of my custom GoBo design?
Yes. Before we produce any custom GoBo’s we provide a photo-mock-up of the design via e-mail for your approval. Any requested changes to the design are provided at no extra cost.
What size GoBo should I order?

When ordering a LightWave Art GoBo you are requested to provide either the GoBo projector model or the dimensions of the required GoBo disk. Most LED GoBo projectors use one of the standard sizes that can be selected with a click when ordering on our website.

When defining the required GoBo by its dimensions (always in millimeters) three dimensions are required: 1) The outside diameter of the GoBo disk (OD), 2) the Image Diameter maximum (ID), and 3) the disk thickness maximum (usually 1-3mm).

What kind of artwork is required for a custom GoBo?

LightWave Art’s proprietary manufacturing procedures allow us to provide brilliant colors combined with precision and intricate line-work and text. When ordering, you will be requested to upload your custom image at a 1,200 x 1,200 pixels resolution (at least 600 dpi) in one of the following popular image file formats:

.jpg; .png; .tiff; .ai; .pdf; .bmp; .gif

When customizing one of our standard images with text, no artwork is required. Simply enter the desired text in the box provided when ordering your custom GoBo on our website.

Can I use a photographic image in my custom GoBo?

Yes. High-contrast photos work best in GoBo’s. Almost every image and photograph requires image enhancements and cleanup by our production engineers. These services are included in the Custom GoBo price.

What if I’m in a rush?

At the time of order you can indicate this is a Rush job. For an additional charge of $10, your job will be put at the top of our priority stack and we will commit to a 48-hour design and production turn-around and 2-Day Priority delivery.

Will the colors on my GoBo be exactly the same as what I saw on the website and in your photo-mock-up of my image?

The short answer is no, probably not exactly, but pretty close. First of all, computer screens are all color-calibrated, probably differently, so the color will appear differently between different computers.

Secondly, the image on your computer screen is a light additive process: It’s called “RGB,” an acronym for the colors of the light spectrum used to create color with transmitted light: Red, Green, Blue. Starting with Black, the RGB screens add colors to create the image. The GoBo image is produced by a different process called “CYMK.”

CYMK is an acronym for the standard color inks used to create printed color images: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black. This process starts with nothing (white) and colors are added to create the color image. When all the colors are added, the resulting color is black.

Using differently calibrated computer screens, and seeing the image created by the RGB process, produces results that are not exactly the same as what is produced by the CYMK process. The color differences are slight and are usually not noticeable.

Brilliant Full Color Gobo’s

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